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The Rose

I found the rose in the garden
I thought it was a wonder
of my life

It didn't complete my desire
Thorns put me in fire
and made me cry

I'm walking through the street
Step by step, steady beat
There's nothing interesting what I can see

Thinking ‘bout anything
No melody to sing
There's no reason why I have to be

Living in the shame
I'm so weak and so lame
I lose remaining hope I can survive

When I met my light
Then I became blind
Silly and trusting I was sad ‘cause...

And every little touch
Hurts so much
I don't wanna feel that anymore

Some people are bringing just pain
I'm hiding every day
Trying ways to get better score

I need to know what's in me
World isn't just what you can see
Human is blind always when he cry

No body accept his blame
No body can contain
So they have to know

If there's no hope in your heart
If there's no trust on your mind
If you still feeling so alone
If you're losing your freedom
Now is time to open door
Get out your feelings of the core
Take whole things what you can take
Right now you have to escape

...beauty isn't luck