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I] Youíre drying the tears above my grave, feeling just cold shoulders
Blood sacrificed of your will, my eternal rest
Itís needless to blame anyone for the crime, Ďcause I know the truth
It wasnít me, it was you and I died

>>I died, you murder, I died, I died

R] So, get away from me, itís easy,
My life is a parody and screaming,
No more lies hidden in my eyes

Beck to reality, get out of my head
Iím still feeling free; itís not too late yet
Tell me why? Hell, who you really are?
Iím loosing my self, recall my name and
Please tell me what is this strange love?

S] I canít stay in front of my father, I betrayed him and my mother
lost her son, she donít know where, Oh my God, What Iíve done
I remember the day when I met my thrill, the snow of white, the blinding light
It flowed through me into my brain; I felt luck but became lame


B] Help
Look on me
I need you
Let me free
Hold me, I promise I'll never fall again