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Animal Inside

1] I live in a jungle and Iím scared of that, thereís no safety, this world is a crap
High clock frequency gun us right ahead, in the morning to work join the net

Element of the system, born - work - die, hunting in the market, buy and fry
Color of concrete - thatís my style, never on foot, Iíve got a new car

Defeat your pack leader in the office, if you want money thereís no choice
Artificial worldís joke with bad taste, work of the lunatic built on waste

Reach your hand out, touch whatís real; leave your fucking house, your cage of steel
Take a look around, let open your eyes, and hide your stupid smile of Mickey Mouse

P] Hey you, people, so tell me, whatís the matter with you
What is your prob?
Shame on you, Iím not a sheep, Iím proud of my real crew
Of the beasts of prey

R] I feel the animal under my skin, like an animal in mode find and kill

2] Youíre sick when you feel blood on your hand, Just a little boy whoís deathly afraid
Are we just nestlings without claws and teeth? No, Iím the hunter, Iím not a creep

I donít agree with Mr. Jesusí speech, Iím not devised by a universal dad
Thereís no difference, Monkey is my bro, and we all are animals, the family in law


B] Dolled up stooges, upturned noses and all the power is just in empty words
Strong humankind and weak human, what you can do standing with just bare hands?
We made something of ourselves what weíre not, but tell me by what right
So much knowledge, much false impression and we still plunder our home


OUT] Humanís not so different, humanís not perfect, you feel strong but you are like addict.
Sit down on you ass and shut the fuck up. Youíre not a winner against yourself